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IV. Zinc Applications

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Zinc Applications

Zinc sheet as a building material

Function and aesthetics in the most beautiful combination

One of the most universal building materials for the exterior design of buildings is zinc sheet. With a thickness of just a few millimeters, they are extremely stable, easy to shape, and at the same time extremely robust and resistant. Zinc sheets are usually made of titanium zinc. It is a standardized alloy of zinc and smaller amounts of titanium and copper. This alloy can be processed into a variety of sheets, strips and shapes using various industrial processing techniques. Zinc sheets can therefore perform a variety of functional and aesthetic tasks on buildings and represent a valuable ecological building material that can be 100% recycled.

We have compiled the possible uses of the material for you here:

Zinc for roof design

A variety of roof shapes can be realized with the easily formable but stable zinc sheet. Traditional roof shapes are just as possible as a strictly geometric design or even organic and flowing shapes. What all roofs have in common is that they are permanently protected against rust and have an extremely long shelf life and require little or no maintenance. An important factor for the longevity of a zinc roof is the patina – the naturally arising and firmly adhering protective layer made of oxidized zinc. It causes the originally silvery shiny zinc sheet to acquire a noble matte gray color. If you want to anticipate this process, you can use pre-weathered zinc sheet. Another plus: the use and processing of zinc sheet as a roof covering has a long tradition and has proven itself.

Facade cladding with zinc

Just like roofs, facades can be protected and designed with zinc sheet. The same advantages that zinc roofs have also apply to them. These include longevity, low maintenance, diverse design options and the possibility of complete recycling.

Dormers – aesthetic and functional thanks to zinc sheet

Dormer windows bring air and light into a building and provide more space and headroom. In addition, they fulfill an architectural design function as an optical element. So that dormers do not represent weak points in the roof structure, zinc sheets can cover and protect the dormer surfaces and roof connection points. The processing techniques of zinc sheet are diverse: double and angled standing seams for geometric shapes or diamond pattern for curved lines are possible.

High energy combination: zinc roof + photovoltaic

Form and function combine perfectly with a photovoltaic zinc roof and offer the advantage of an extremely low installation height. With special fastening clips, the photovoltaic modules can be attached to the standing seams of the shares and in this way ensure an integrated and typical metal roof look.

Visually appealing zinc details 

Durability and formability make zinc sheets universal problem solvers when it comes to small-area cladding. Zinc sheet is not only purely functional, but can also visually highlight building details as an eye-catcher. Canopies, roof overhangs, chimneys or balconies can be ideally protected and designed with zinc sheet.

Roof drainage with zinc 

Formability, durability and low maintenance requirements make zinc sheet the ideal material for roof drainage. Depending on the architectural style, you can choose between a traditional, curtain-type or a modern, internal structure. Manufacturers offer coordinated shapes and elements – also in various pre-weathered color variations.

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