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Rolled & Titanium
Zinc Sheet

Architects & Planners

Rolled zinc sheet has been valued for generations for its sustainability, durability, and enduring beauty. Its physical and chemical properties make it a highly sustainable material for roofs, facades, and rainwater systems.

Modern zinc alloys provide exceptional service life — an estimated 80 to 100 years for roofs and 200 to 300 years for walls, depending on site-specific conditions. Not only is zinc beautiful and durable, it’s highly sustainable too.

Rolled Zinc Around The World

Seen from Buenos Aires to Berlin, architects, authorities, builders and craftsmen everywhere chose rolled zinc sheet for prominent and distinctive projects:

A World Surrounded in Zinc

Zinc isn’t just found in your daily vitamin – it surrounds us all: protecting our infrastructure, maintaining human health and growth, and helping crops grow faster and stronger. Without zinc, there would be no life.